Tips To Keep Your House Clean and Organized in Between House Cleanings

Cleaning tips to keep your home cleanTips To Keep Your House Clean and Organized in Between House Cleanings

Keeping up your house in between cleanings doesn’t take a lot of time or thought. Everyone loves that feeling on cleaning day when you know you’re going to walk into a clean house, with lavender still hanging in the air and remember that the housekeeper has come and gone. To maintain that great feeling in between those days, just focus on keeping the house as your housekeeper left it.

Pick Up: It takes a few seconds when passing through a room to grab things here and there that are out-of-place. Maybe you put them away right then or keep a basket out-of-the-way to fill with random items and set one time aside later to put everything back where it belongs. Clutter can get away from you quickly. Develop a habit that become second-nature before too long.

Delegate: Recruit family members for minor tasks and a clean theme throughout the home. Let them know what you’re trying to accomplish and have several eyes and hands helping out a little all the time.

Tackle Unusual Big Jobs: If you throw a party or decide to let the kids make mud pies in the kitchen, decide in advance that you will clean this up entirely. It’s tempting to ignore messes as cleaning day gets closer, but when your housekeeper walks in on new and unusual messes, the normal housekeeping will suffer and once it falls behind it’s hard to catch up again.

Work on keeping that just cleaned look and feel all the time, without wondering if you are the housekeeper!