Preparing Your Home Before A House Cleaning


Steps to Ensure a Successful House Cleaning

With our busy lives and hectic schedules, it’s difficult to find time for around the house chores. Fortunately Custom Cleaning of the Palm Beaches is ready to help keep your home in pristine condition.

Every home comes with a different personality, a different Preparing For A House Cleaningday-to-day routine, and a different way you may wish to have your home cleaned. By getting ready for house cleaning, you can insure we meet your standards.

Surprises at Arrival 

Communication is key to helping us help you. Entering your home is the first step to cleaning it, so let us know beforehand which way is best. Is it important to use a specific door to enter your home? Or should we enter through the garage? If so, we’ll also need the garage code. If you use alarm system that we will need to disarm, make sure to provide us with the alarm code ahead of time. Inform us of any special instructions for your fish, feathered or four-legged friends.


Pick up before house cleaningAs a part of the daily rush or, for some of us, rushes, the things we use the most often get left lying around. By picking-up items left out before a cleaning, allows the housekeepers to focus on cleaning. When you organize in preparation for a cleaning, you’re doing everyone a tremendous favor. Our housekeepers can focus on the task at hand and spend more time on cleaning your home than putting away left out items.

Special Products

Allergies, special materials, and brand preference are all reasons some homeowners prefer a specific product over other ones. We do bring our own supplies and equipment, so if you have any special products you’d like us to use, just leave them on the Kitchen counter for us before we get there. It’s as simple as that.

Notes and Requests

When there are places in the home you’d prefer us not to enter, let us know ahead of time. Our housekeepers love feedback, so don’t hesitate to leave us a note telling us of any special cleaning instructions. Sticky notes, or notes left on the table save time and ensure we do it your way. The more we know, the better service we can provide, and keeping everyone happy is our top priority.

We appreciate everything you do to help us help you. You’re an expert on your home, and by tidying up ahead of time and sharing that extra bit of information, you’ll properly prepare your home for the cleaning it deserves.


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  • We followed directions: spray several pumps on the carpet, dip a brush in hot water and work it into
    the stain until foaming’then dry the area with an old towel.
    It’s important that initial research is done before booking a cleaning business.

    Such diseases as typhoid, dysentery and cholera are caused
    by unclean environment which affects human health through the food we eat and the water we use for various
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