Do NOT use these products on your floors

Do not use these floor productsWhat Cleaners You Shouldn’t Be Using On Your Floors and The One You Should

Keeping floors in clean condition is hard work, especially if you have a busy household. After all that sweeping and mopping, the last thing you want to think is that you are harming your floors. Yet, you might be surprised to discover just what you shouldn’t be using on your floors since some of the most popular brands do more harm than good. Here’s a few cleaners to avoid, but don’t worry…we also have a better solution.

Murphy’s Oil

This floor cleaner is most people’s go-to product when they have wood floors since it’s been marketed for years as being natural and biodegradable. While this is true, it doesn’t matter since the oil-based formula will leave a sticky residue behind. Over time, this oily film leads to delamination, separation at the joint lines and warping. Once this product has been used for awhile, it is necessary to strip the floors and have them refinished due to the dull, streaky appearance that Murphy’s Oil leaves behind.

Swiffer Cleaning Fluid

When the Swiffer first came out, people were excited to finally have disposable pads that made cleaning floors seem more hygienic. Now, the extra expense and waste has made this sole benefit seem irrelevant since regular mops do the same thing while being reusable. The true problem with the Swiffer, however, is the fluid. Although there are several products designed for different purposes, they all contain chemicals that pose a risk to your home as well as your floors. Like Murphy’s Oil, you will begin to notice a streaky residue after you clean your floors. Since the fluid is never rinsed off, it just continues to build up and attract even more dirt.

What Works

At Custom Cleaning of the Palm Beaches, Inc, we only use a neutral PH floor cleaner that is designed to be used on all types of floors without causing warpage and residue. Since we know floors sometimes need a mop between our visits, we are happy to provide you with a gallon for purchase. This way, we can work as a team to give your floors long lasting shine.