Three Ways To Make Cleaning With Kids More Fun For You And Them

Three Ways To Make Cleaning With Kids More Fun For You And Them

make cleaning with kids easier
Ask any parent about cleaning with kids and they’ll probably tell you it’s difficult, at best. They’d rather be playing, or hanging out with friends than helping do domestic chores. Parents know that learning how to care for a home is a valuable skill that every child should learn. Oftentimes, it’s simply easier to do it yourself than to struggle and fight to get their help. However, by incorporating three simple techniques, cleaning with your kids will be easier and more fun for everyone.

Make a Job Chart

Kids don’t always understand, nor remember, all of the things that they’re told to do. So, it makes good sense to make up a list of tasks that need to be completed, and who should do them. A simple, yet effective way to get them involved in the process is to make a job chart. Gather up some colorful markers, stickers and a piece of poster board. Let each child choose a color and put their names across the top. Down the side, list the tasks they’ll do, in the same color. When the job is done, place a sticker on the square below their name. It’s a visible reminder of their jobs, and a reward at the same time.

Play Upbeat Music

Let’s face it, cleaning isn’t the most fun thing to do, for anybody. To get your kids in the mood to work, put on some happy, upbeat music and turn up the volume a bit. Sing along, dance with the broom and create a fun atmosphere that makes them want to participate. This will make it feel more like playtime than work, and you’ll soon see that they begin to look forward to it. To avoid conflict over the type of music, make a playlist that includes songs and artists that each child likes. For younger kids, find music that is not only upbeat and fun, but also has an educational element. They’ll learn as they work!

Tools & Supplies

Kids really love to have their own, special, tools to complete their tasks. Put together a small bucket, or tote, that contains the supplies they will need to do their specific job. For example, a pink duster for your daughter who will be dusting the living room. A kid-sized broom with super hero tape wrapped around the handle will encourage your son to sweep the entryway. Consider special t-shirts that you decorate together that are only worn when cleaning day arrives. When it’s time to get to work, they’ll be excited to pull their own supplies out, especially if they’ve been able to make the choice themselves.

Granted, it’s not always going to be easy to get your kids to cooperate on cleaning day. However, if you give them some degree of control and don’t expect more than they can actually handle, it’s totally possible. By far, the most important thing is to keep it fun, and teach them that whatever job they’re tasked with is worth doing well. And, of course, be appreciative and reward them for their help with small tokens such as stickers, extra time on the video game, or a special movie when the job is done.