Cleaning For A Reason

We Are Now Cleaning For A Reason!Cleaning For A Reason

We are excited to announce that we are partnering with Cleaning For A Reason to help local women facing cancer. Here is a rundown of what we will do, who qualifies, and how you can help.

This wonderful organization has
been matching up cancer patients with professional home cleaners since 2006 in order to “reduce the stress and ease the burden a woman faces once a cancer diagnosis is received.”

Who qualifies? Any woman aged 19 or older with a diagnosis of any kind of cancer can apply to receive free professional cleaning services for her home.

Why do we offer this? We understand that cancer and its treatments take a huge toll on a person’s energy and time. For some women, the time they would have spent cleaning their home is now being eaten up by doctor appointments and tests and treatments. When they do get a free minute, they are often too exhausted to want to clean. Yet the added stress of knowing the cleaning isn’t getting done is no good for healing. We want to ease the burden by taking care of the housecleaning.

How can you get these services? You can apply at the Cleaning For a Reason website. They will match you or your loved one up with a local cleaning service. If you are in the Palm Beach area, that could be us!

What do you get? Once they approve your application, you will get four cleanings, one per month, free of charge. That is a fantastic deal.

What if my loved one has another serious illness? This partnership focuses solely on cancer patients. But that doesn’t mean family and friends of others can’t get together and purchase our services on their behalf.

How can I help? You can donate money to help cover the costs of cleaning. We can not accept volunteer cleaners as Cleaning For A Reason has very strict guidelines for the companies they work with regarding hiring and vetting of employees. We want all of our clients to feel safe letting us in their homes.

Through this partnership we look forward to easing the burden that some of our local women carry.