Benefits of Cleaning with Microfiber Rags and Mops

Microfiber Rag Cleaning BenefitsWhat Are the Benefits of Cleaning with Microfiber Rags and Mops?

Look inside any professional cleaning person’s ‘tool kit’ and you’re almost certain to find a microfiber cloth. Why? It’s simple — nothing removes dirt more easily or efficiently than microfiber. So, what is microfiber, and what are the benefits of cleaning with microfiber rags and mops?

Microfiber consists of strands so fine that the human eye can barely perceive them. They’re a synthetic blend of polyester and polyamide or nylon bundled together and then split again into ultra-fine single fibers using a mixture of chemicals, heat and agitation. These single fibers are finally woven together to produce the final microfiber cloth or mop head. Research has shown that when these ultra-thin fibers (1/16th the size of a human hair!) are woven together, the strands create a surface area covered with millions of spaces between them to trap moisture, dirt and debris. No ordinary cotton rag can do that! In addition to this trapping action, the curled strands enable them to reach into cracks and crevices, picking up and removing dirt and holding it within the fibers. Research has also shown the millions of fibers in the cloth rub together, creating a static charge that attracts dirt, pulling it in and trapping it until you wash the cloth, breaking the static charge and releasing the dirt.

When it comes to mops, microfiber mops out-clean and out-perform their string or sponge mop counterparts by a mile! String mops tend to push dirt around, while  microfiber flat mops trap dirt and lift it out. They’re also lighter and because of that, are believed to prevent back injuries that can happen with frequent use of heavy, waterlogged string mops.

Cleaning microfiber products is simple, just use a laundry detergent with a PH under 11, which is standard in most detergents, use cool water or do not use water warmer than 200 degrees, as hot temperatures can break down the fibers. Don’t wash them with products that tend to produce lint (like terry cloth towels) because the microfibers will keep working in the washing machine to trap the lint, clogging up the fibers. Finally, don’t use fabric softeners or sheets, which can also cause damage to the fibers.

It’s easy to see why professionals use microfiber products and why it follows that you should too. You’ll never go back to ordinary cleaning rags and string mops!


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