7 Household Items You Didn’t Know Needed to Be Cleaned

7 items in your home you should be cleaning7 Household Items You Didn’t Know Needed to Be Cleaned

What does your normal cleaning routine involve? Many would say vacuuming, dusting, mopping, and sanitizing surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom. The truth is, though, there are several household items you use every day that you may not have realized need to be cleaned on a regular basis.

1. Phone headsets: You use your phone to call an old friend to catch up. You use your phone to order pizza. Sometimes its hard to keep track of how many times your phone is actually up against your face. This makes them an attractive place for germs and bacteria to live. It’s important to sanitize your phone headset with an antibacterial wipe at least once a week.

2. Toothbrush holder: Toothbrush holders are one of the dirtiest items in any home. Since toothbrushes generally aren’t dry when put back in, mold and yeast can grow. Some even contain E. Coli which signals the presence of fecal matter. To ensure you family stays healthy it is important to clean your toothbrush holder regularly.

3. Door knobs and light switches: There’s no telling how many times a day you and your family touch these surfaces. To help prevent illness and the growth of bacteria, make sanitizing these surfaces part of your cleaning routine.

4. Children’s toys: Younger kids tend to put toys in their mouth or touch them with sticky fingers. This causes the growth of bacteria which can lead to strep throat or ear infections. Cleaning your kid’s today regularly can help reduce their chances of getting sick, and many toys can even be cleaned in the dishwasher or washing machine.

5. Game controllers and remotes: Just like toys, these items that we touch throughout the day often carry germs. According to the National Science Foundation, yeast and mold are found on 55% of remote controls and 59% percent of video game controllers. Bust out the antibacterial wipes the next time you dust the coffee table and wipe down your remotes and controllers.

6. Keyboards: The reality is your office desk can carry as many, or more, germs than a toilet seat. This is because bathrooms are regularly cleaned and sanitized, while office areas are often overlooked. It is important to sanitize surfaces on your desk, as well as the mouse and keyboard.

7. Purses and backpacks: Most people don’t hesitate before taking their purse into a public restroom with them or setting it down on the floor. The bottoms of purses and backpacks can harbor tons of germs whether it has been sitting in a grocery cart, or the lunchroom at your kid’s school. For vinyl bags, wipe them down at least once a week with an antibacterial wipe. For cotton bags, you can hand wash them and hang to dry.

Reduce the risk of illness in your home by incorporating these household items into your cleaning routine!

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